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Wood Sculpture by Joni Hamari , Wildlife and Figurative nude Sculptures. Woods include mainly Redwood, Walnut, Pecan, etc... You may also like to visit the "What's New!" Page to see the Projects that I am currently working on.  

Amazing Redwood Spiral

"Forces of Nature" by Joni Hamari

A Natural Redwood Root, exceptionally shaped and contorted by the "forces of nature"...

Not only does it turn in a full circle, the wood spirals around itself six full turns! The Surface has been aged by wind and weather, a very slow process in Redwood...it may have been exposed to the weather for several centuries to acquire the deep surface texture that you see.

The wood itself is likely to date back 2,000 or more years, as the "Old Growth" Redwoods are some of the oldest and largest trees on earth...

Photos do this piece no justice. It stands nearly 9 feet high, over 3 feet across. It is mounted on another slab of Old Growth Redwood. The base stays stationary, while the sculpture turns on bearings for easy display.

An exceptionally Rare and unusual Collectors Piece, The only one like it in the world! What an entry piece it would make...

Come and see it! I'll pay for a plane ticket if you purchase!

Purchase Price Inquire


"By a Hare!" By Joni Hamari

Bald Eagle Sculpture

Carved from Old Growth Redwood.

This carving shows an eagle in pursuit of a hare....the hare has just made it behind the rocks, ensuring his escape...by a hair!

Measures approx.  4 1/2' high 

Purchase Price, Sold


" Wind and Water " By Joni Hamari

An extraordinarily powerful sculpture by Joni Hamari.

This massive “one of a kind” sculpture portrays a Bald Eagle, bearing a trout in its talons, which it has just snatched from the water. Several more Rainbow Trout spiral down and around the base.

Carved entirely from a single massive piece of wood. Months of work have produced this sculpture, one of the largest examples of "fine art" wood sculpture in the Country

     Wood, American Elm

     Handmade glass eyes, finished in enamels and 24 karat gold

     Meticulously detailed, stained and painted with artists colors

     Height: Approximately 10 feet high, Approximately twice life-size.


     Delivery available within the U.S.

Purchase Price, $ Sold




Marlin 4.jpg (262257 bytes)

Blue Marlin By Joni Hamari

"Forever in Blue"

Old Growth Redwood

7 feet 10 inches high

Purchase Price, Inquire


" Seeking Justice " By Joni Hamari

Larger than Life Cougar Sculpture

Created from a single piece of Old-Growth Redwood  with  23 K. Gold...(Shown with Copper...the client wanted it changed to Copper...)

  6 Feet 9 inches high. Purchase Price, $ Sold 

(On this sculpture, the Cougar and the "base" have been created entirely from one solid piece of wood. The top of the base is coated in Gold, which really makes the cougar glow! )


"Wind and Water II" By Joni Hamari

Carved Bald Eagle with three Trout

Created from Old Growth Redwood

Approx. 4 feet high

Purchase Price, Sold


Detail of  "A Change of Heart"

"A Change of Heart" By Joni Hamari

Life size Grizzly Bear Sculpture

Created from Old Growth Redwood, finely Carved, completely Sanded and finished. Not your average Bear!

Approx 7' high, 4 feet deep, 4 feet across.

Purchase Price, Inquire about ordering, each is made depending on wood availability and size required.


"Wind and Water III" By Joni Hamari

Bald Eagle Carving Created from Old Growth Redwood

Approximately 6 1/2' high

Purchase Price, $sold


" The Power and the Glory "

Bald Eagle Sculpture By Joni Hamari

Black Walnut, Height 9 Feet

In Private Collection, a similar piece could be ordered.

Purchase Price, $Sold


Untitled, Carved Bald Eagle in Flight

Pecan, 4 1/2 Feet high

In Private Collection. A similar piece could be ordered.

Purchase Price, Sold



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