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Stone Sculptures by Joni Hamari are created  from Alabaster, Marble, Serpentine or Soapstone. The different types of stone are enjoyed for the infinite variety of  colors and patterns available. You may also like to look at the "What's New!" page to see the current works I have in progress.

" In Grand Style " By  Joni Hamari

Stone Horse Sculpture

A Big, Beautiful Horse! Thus far, the largest horse I have carved...Natural multi colored Stone, shows greens, rust, and some gorgeous red veining... atop a Redwood base, with a turntable installed for easy viewing.  A wonderful Niche or Pedestal piece...

38.5" high, 24" across, 11" deep

Purchase Price: sold


"Acanthus" by Joni Hamari

A beautiful freeform contemporary sculpture, created from Texas Pink Soapstone...this is the Natural Color, gorgeous stone!

37" High, 19" across, atop a Redwood base, which rotates for easy display.

Available! Price $Inquire


" Awakening " By Joni Hamari

Contemporary Great Horned Owl Stone Sculpture

Life-size Great Horned Owl...Natural multi colored Stone, gorgeous reds, with a bit of greens and gold... Carved to fit over the  wood base, with a turntable installed for easy viewing. 

21.5" high, 14" across, 10.5" deep

Purchase Price: Sold



Nude female Torso "Lady"

By Joni Hamari

Natural Multi Colored Soapstone...This particular stone piece has just about every color possible...Burgundy, Gold, Green...Gorgeous piece!

Stands 26 inches high, 12 inches across with base

Purchase price,  $SOLD



"Winds of Change" By Joni Hamari

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram 

Approximately half scale...

Carved from a single piece of Serpentine, in a dark emerald green. The boulder itself weighed approximately 1,500 pounds before I began the carving. (It is a fraction of that now)
I carved a "full curl" ram, a powerful male in the prime of his life...he would have faced challengers, and competition to reach this stage of life. He is carved coming up rocks,  just reaching the pinnacle. I have titled him "Winds of Change", as I wanted to portray him in the Fall, strong, ready for the winter, ready for the changes to come...as in all things, business and life, the winds of change bring challenges that only the strongest will survive, and overcome. I wanted to portray him with the condition, strength and confidence, that there was no doubt he will be a survivor...
I guess it's only appropriate that he is in stone, one of the oldest, strongest and most respected art mediums.
This particular piece is the largest stone sculpture I have created, it stands 31 inches high, 28 inches long, plus the base which brings it to around 49 inches high...a really nice height for him. The base does have a turntable underneath it, for easy viewing. 

Purchase Price Inquire





Pair of Classical Nude Torsos By Joni Hamari

Multi-colored Soapstone.

Each stands 36 inches high, 10 inches across with bases

Purchase price, Sold



Stone Horse Sculpture By Joni Hamari

Emerald Green Soapstone with  Redwood base. 

Approximately 2 feet high, 16" across

Purchase Price: Sold



" Red Horse " By Joni Hamari

Stone Horse Sculpture

Multi Colored  Soapstone, this stone has about every color possible for Soapstone, including a very unusual copper Red...along with slate blue, green, and metallic gold.

Approximately 18" high, 15" across

Purchase Price: Sold




Serpentine Bass By Joni Hamari

Approx 15" long, on a Juniper Root Base

Purchase Price $Sold


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