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Ok, so we are proud parents! This page is dedicated to the work of our son, Adam.


He's hardly a kid anymore, but his early works are still available...


Adam Sculptures are available by just calling us...

In the past, he was able to show his work at Scottsdale, Arizona, and became the youngest artist to ever sell work at the Scottsdale "Celebration of Fine Art"! Way to go!

Adam was home schooled, which enabled him to travel with us...he started a quite nice little investment account with the earnings from his sculptures. He desires to become an Electrical / Mechanical or Civil engineer as well as an inventor...with a side hobby of having a "Chicken Museum"!...(he's a bird nut, guess he gets that from his Mom...we call him the "Chicken Whisperer")

*As an update for Adam's "Collectors", he has chosen to go by his middle name, Adam, rather than his first name, Craig, so, although his older sculptures bear the name of Craig...they are all done by the same cute kid!


At the very young age of 4 Adam created and cast his first Sculpture...quite a feat considering that most artists will not begin casting their work until 20 or 30 years beyond that age!  Pewter is the medium we have selected...therefore the Sculptures are available at a wonderfully affordable price!


The Rat...

Created by Adam at 4 years of age...His first Sculpture was initially cast in Bronze, and is now available in Pewter

Cast in Pewter, Approximately 1 1/2 inches 

Price $15.00




The Seal....

Created by Adam at 6 years of age...

Cast in Pewter, Brushed or polished finish

Approximately 2 1/2 inches

Purchase Price $20.00



The Rooster....

Created by Adam at 7 years of age...

Cast in Pewter, Approximately 2 inches

Purchase Price $20.00




The Setting Hen...

Created by Adam at 8 years of age...Made to match that adorable rooster, the setting hen is perched atop a huge egg!

Cast in Pewter, Approximately 1 3/4 inches

Purchase Price $20.00




The Salmon...

Adam's "9 year old sculpture"...

This great little Salmon is resting on river rocks, and mounted on a stone slab base. Craig had to choose and sand out the stone bases as well (we may have heard a few grumbles about that) Each base will vary, as they are natural stone.

Cast in Pewter,3 3/4 inches long, 2 1/4 inches high with base

Purchase Price $35.00


Just e-mail or call to purchase...907-841-8827

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