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The Artistry and Design of Joni Hamari

Original designs inspired by the strength and power…grace and beauty of the elements of nature. Accomplished in a variety of mediums, Joni Hamari has a unique artistic style…never limited by medium or scale of work, she works regularly and comfortably in no less than four different mediums.

A prolific artist, Joni's work includes sculptures, paintings, massive one of a kind furniture...and occasional surprises of creative design!

Sculpting in stone since she was a child, Joni is one of the finest stone sculptors in the country. She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of stone, even though it is a messy and dusty medium, the results are phenomenal. Coaxing flowing figures and graceful horses from solid rock comes easily for her.

“I love the ‘original’ mediums...the stone and wood. When I get only one chance to do it right, I enjoy that challenge. I love showing off the medium as much as the artwork...when I have a gorgeous piece of stone or a 2,000 year old piece of wood to work with I try not to clutter it with details that can hide the grain, but showcase the material itself.”

Sculpted paintings...when Joni started painting, she began to move the paint on the canvas with her hands...building the paint deeply, sculpting it, building it into a dimensional sculpture. Before the color is ever applied, there is a ‘bas relief’ sculpture there on the canvas...A beautiful way to combine the sculpture and paintings. More than impasto, it is a sculpture on canvas...

When working with wood, Joni is known for massive large-scale furnishings created from rare or unusual woods. The “Old Growth” Redwood is her wood of choice due to the size, the color, grain and the interesting history of the wood. Original designs include dining and conference tables, coffee tables and bars (some over twenty feet long). Much of the furniture is further enhanced with a stunning natural stone inlay. This is where you will often find Joni's husband, Bill, working alongside her...assisting in finishing, sanding, and as Joni says, "All of the un-fun stuff". Bill is quite talented in his own right, occasionally creating freeform burl bowls, contemporary wall pieces, and log slab cutting/serving boards .

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